Explore in San Francisco

I travelled to San Francisco in Early May. It was mostly cloudy and windy but the gentle daylight made it perfect for photos. I could spend hours playing with seagulls on the piers and the long-hour city hiking was really pleasant. And of course, the food was so awesome.

The tour to Alcatraz Island impressed me most. I first learnt about the island when I was on a cruise. I was so interested in the night tour to the island but reservation was required. But anyway, I landed on the island the next day. The island was once a military prison, and around the middle of last century it became a tourist attraction. All the current buildings were built approximately in 1907. Now, conquered by all kinds of sea birds, the buldings become beautiful ruins and are covered by various green plants. It is so much like Laputa, the castle in the sky in the legend, only except that it does not fly.

There was too much to see but my stay was too short. Will definitely come back again.

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